in vivo Antenna Recordings

This is the Alpha release (v0.1) of the in vivo electrophysiology recordings of the fruit fly antenna. The recordings are used to validate the antenna model published in " A Molecular Odorant Transduction Model and the Complexity of Spatio-Temporal Encoding in the Drosophila Antenna."

The Antenna recordings are packaged in a HDF5 file following a hierarchical data format. The top-level of the hierarchy is a multitude of HDF5 groups, each of which contains recordings of OSNs in response to a specific odorant waveform, e.g. staircase waveform. The attributes of a group indicate the receptor type and the odorant identity. Each top-level group consists of two sub-groups, named stimulus and PSTH, where the former corresponds to the odorant waveforms and the latter corresponds to the peri-stimulus time histogram of the OSN. A demonstration of the antenna model execution is provided in a Jupyter Notebook. For details, please see README below.